Facial care
and make up

U Nice Place is your beauty salon if you are looking for a place to take care of your body and mind. Massage, waxing and other manicures are part of our services. But what characterizes us is our listening and our professionalism. Trust us with your facial and make-up in Ixelles and you will not be disappointed.

Classic facials

For your face, we suggest :

  • moisturising and balancing care 70€
    Purifying treatment 70€
    Lifting treatment 90€
    Soothing treatment 70€
    VIP treatment 100€
    Anti-ageing treatment 120€
    Fruit peel treatment 150€
    Cleansing treatment 70€
    Classic treatment 70€ 
    led phototherapy treatment 150€ 
    Mesotherapy treatment 80€ 
    ultrasonic care 80€ 
    Day time make-up 30€ 
    Evening make-up 50€ 
    Wedding make-up 120€ 
    Eyelash extension 80€ 
    Eyelash dyeing 20€ 
    Eyebrow dyeing 20€ 

Specific face treatment

Here are a few specific face treatments :

  • black Diamond Facial (to give a younger, smoother and brighter complexion to the skin thanks to peptides) 140€
    rejuvenating eye treatment (rejuvenating eye contour treatment with peptides that are anti-dark circles, anti-puffiness and anti-wrinkle) 80€
    glycolic peel facial (makes pigmented, damaged, dull and congested skin softer, smoother and brighter) 80€
    anti-ageing facial (combination of peptides and natural ingredients for lifted, radiant and rejuvenated skin) 70€
    sun and acne 70€
    dilated pores 70€
    wrinkles 70€ 
    pigment spots 70€
    redness 70€ 

Book an appointment

To make your aesthetic appointment in Ixelles, Brussels, take advantage of our online booking service. You can also reach us by phone, or even come without an appointment! The institute is open form Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 19:00.

Opening hours

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